Altitude room

A private bedroom or training room designed as an altitude room is becoming increasingly popular.

For many athletes who want to take their sports performance to a higher level, training at altitude has become part of their training schedule and preparation for important competitions, championships or even the Olympic Games.

Optimal oxygen supply is extremely important in all physical sporting activities. Your body's ability to quickly transport a lot of oxygen, at essential moments, to all muscles, organs and brain ensures that:

Altitude internships abroad are still popular, but such a stay in the mountains has recently become a lot more expensive, sometimes difficult to combine with daily family life and therefore not for every athlete to spend three to four weeks in the high mountains stay.

Our hh-altitudetent systems allow you to train at height from the comfort of your own home, bedroom, training room...

This makes it possible to reap the benefits of altitude training without the actual need to be in the mountains.

The air in your bedroom is treated into air that is comparable to mountain air. The space is connected to our controlled atmosphere system. The height generator that has been specially developed to automatically adjust the height for the entire bedroom or training room:

Altitude up to 3000 meters for endurance athletes
Altitude up to 6000 meters for mountaineers

All this is controlled with an intelligent touch-screen control panel and offers very accurate height control. With the option to operate this system with your mobile phone via WiFi.

We are also specialized in providing your bedroom or training room with full climate control:

With temperature control
With humidity setting
With extra pure air treatment

We provide integration into existing spaces or as part of a new construction, and our Altitude Spaces team offers continuous 7/7 customer and technical support.

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