By breathing low oxygen levels, cells in the kidneys are responding with the production of the hormone erytropoietin ( natural EPO ).

This will stimulate the bone marrow to an increased production of new young red blood cells, which in turn guarantee the better oxygen supply and oxygen uptake in the organs and the muscles.


By sleeping on a simulated altitude during the night fits the body itself.

Thanks to the oxygen tent with height generator you do so not necessarily get to go all the way to the mountains to travel for a high internship and do you have any consequences of the prevailing climate conditions.


You measure every morning upon awakening in the height tent with the pulse oximeter your heart rate and oxygen levels in the blood.

The oxygen saturation in your arterial blood fluctuates between 91% and 97%.

On the basis of this measurement, you can determine the height in which you sleep the next night, wheter or not to a lower or a higher level.

The height where you sleep depends on for which you train or for your health and general fitness, and ranges from 0 ( sea level ) up to 6500 meters ( mountain level ) and an oxygen content between 9% ( 6500 m ), 15,5% ( 2500 m ) and 20,9% ( sea level ).

On the generator can easily be set the level control.


Is by increasing the moisture loss in exhalation, enough water to drink in between for the better fluid-electrolyt absorption.

To know the Ferritin level in the blood in order to prevent anemia ( for example iron deficiency, blood loss at menstruation, or surgery ) to do this one can sufficiently eat green vegetables, nuts, whole wheat bread and pasta, dried fruit ( dates, figs, raisins ), chicken, eggs, eat red meat once in a while and if necessary take iron tablets.